How to Create and Track a Snapchat Geofilter

Snapchat geo-filters are very popular nowadays. Its location-based filter can enhance your snap. You can use these Geofilters for a party, a business event, tracking, or fun. This topic will guide you on creating, submitting, and monitoring your geofilter performance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Snapchat Geofilter

  1. Design Your Geofilter

Start by designing your Geofilter. You can use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva. Make sure your design follows Snapchat’s rules:

  • The file should be 1080px by 1920px.
  • Use a transparent background.
  • The file size must be under 300KB.
  • Save the file as a PNG.

Remember to keep important elements within the “buffer zone,” which is 310px from the top and bottom.

  1. Visit Snapchat’s Create a Filter Page

Go to the Snapchat Create a Filter page. You can access it through your Snapchat app or via a web browser.

  1. Upload Your Design

Click on the “Upload” button and select your designed geofilter. Ensure it looks good in the preview. You can adjust the position if needed.

  1. Select Dates and Times

Select when you want your Geofilter to be active. You can set it for a few hours or several days. Make sure it matches your event time.

  1. Define the Geofence

Pick the location for your Geofilter. Enter an address or move the pin on the map. Adjust the geofence size. Bigger areas cost more.

  1. Submit and Pay

Once everything looks good, submit your Geofilter for review. Snapchat will review it to ensure it meets its guidelines. This process usually takes about one business day. Once approved, you will need to pay. The cost depends on the size of the geofence and how long it will be active.

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Tracking Your Snapchat Geofilter

  1. Access Your Geofilter Analytics

After your geofilter is live, you can track its performance. Snapchat provides analytics to help you understand its impact.

  1. Metrics to Track
  • Views: The number of times your geofilter was seen.
  • Uses: The number of times people used your geofilter in their snaps.
  • Reach: The number of people who viewed snaps that included your geofilter.
  1. Analyze the Data

Reviewing these metrics helps you understand the success of your geofilter. High usage and reach indicate good engagement. Use this data to improve future Geofilters.

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Q: How long does Snapchat take to review my geofilter?

A: Snapchat usually reviews Geofilters within one business day. Submit your geofilter a few days early to be safe.

Q: Can I create a geofilter for free?

A: Community Geofilters for public places can be free. Personal and business Geofilters usually cost money, depending on the geofence size and duration.

Q: What if my Geofilter is rejected?

A: If Snapchat rejects your Geofilter, they will tell you why. Make the changes and submit it again.

Q: Can I see who used my geofilter?

A: Snapchat only provides overall data on views and uses. They don’t show individual users for privacy reasons.

Creating a Snapchat Geofilter can make your event more fun and engaging. Follow these steps to design, submit, and track your geofilter effectively. Use the analytics to see how well it worked and plan better for next time.

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