Guest Post Guidelines

Guidelines for Writer:

How a recommendation by an influencer works, the same guest post works for a business.  In the present scenario, if you want to rank up any website in Google, you have to maintain a basic quality of the content. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do it. In very simple words, either your content is able to solve the problem of a reader or give any impact to the viewers. Only then that could be considered quality content. 

Delivering a strong message with very good clarity is the key to a successful blog. So that to create that kind of content you need to know about something which is mentioned below:- 

Start Researching About Topic

Since you want a sponsored post on our platform, you must check whether the article you are going to write is already available or not on the website.

If your topic is unique and not available on our website you can write on that topic. As a suggestion before writing about any topics, try to research that topic. 

There are some advice regarding to the research about keywords are listed below:-

  • Search out your main keyword on Google. That will help you to know about your secondary keywords and also some user’s questions.
  • You can take some ideas from “People also ask” and “Related Searches” from Google. Here you also come to know about the user’s intention behind the keywords from Quora, Twitter, Google Trends, Reddit, Google News section, and other digital platforms. 

Once you get to know about the main intention of users behind that keywords search, your 80% of work is done already. Then you just have to apply some content writing strategies and need to work out the sequence according to the users’ questions. 

Those important content writing strategies are mentioned below:-

Checklist – A Sequential Writing:

  • When you start writing try to initiate with a Thought-Provoking Quote or Question. Such as WHAT IN LIFE, IS BEAUTIFUL TO YOU?  What life lesson did you learn from this hard life?    

What makes you fall in love” like this. 

  • Try to use some Anecdote – A short story, which makes the listeners laugh over a topic. That will help you to provide power to your content. So try to use anecdotes in your content. 
  • Along with anecdotes use some Metaphors and Similes in your content. This is a type of comparison without using “like” or “as” on it. 

An example of a metaphor is: She is an angel. On the other hand, an example of a simile is She is as innocent as an angel. Hope you understand. 

  • Also when you move further in the article then try to explain the objective and aim of the article. “What will your users learn after reading the content? ” 
  • Do you want your readers to read your content or do you want results for those content?  Start using “I and you”.
  • Without information, your content is just a myth, so don’t ruin your content just for lack of information.

By personalizing the content, if you want to get better results for your article. If so, you follow our Content Writing Guidelines.

  • The minimum word limit of the article could be 800 and the maximum word limit of the article can be as per your requirement of the topics. but to make the article long, don’t try to write one thing again & again to stretch. 
  • Do proper research before starting to write any content. 
  • The article should be informative. If you want to give brief explanations, then you can do it. 
  • Please interlink all these articles. 
  • Keywords should be added inside the article. 
  • Try to write an attractive and readable article by considering the keywords inside the article.  
  • Keyword density should be good.

 Here are some tips to make your content SEO-friendly

  1. Please add Heading2 and Heading 3 of your keywords to make your content SEO friendly.
  2. The main Keyword should be in your first Paragraph
  3. Supporting keywords should be in Middle Paragraph 
  4. The main keyword should be in the last paragraph
  5. Your article should be in a proper format.
  • Please include relevant images with the article.  Make sure the image size should not exceed 200 KB. You can also open an image in photoshop to do this and save it as a web. 
  • Be sure to add a call to action at the end of the article.  Call to action refers to user activity on the page.  Ask questions/suggestions/feedback, ask questions, ask their problems, and encourage them to share our content with their friends. 
  • Please enter an Alt tag on the image as the keyword in the article.
  • Omit needless words in your content. 
  • Don’t try to force your reader to agree with you through your content. You should remember the perspective of user’s while writing.
  • The meta description insights article should be explained very neatly. “What will your reader come to know when they click on the article?”
  • Make sure your article is neutral to readers.  Our readers have every right to know each and everything (good and bad, positive and negative) about the subject.

If you find any other topics that we should write about, you can consult us with the content you want to publish. 

Topics to Write On:

Before starting working with us, please have a look at which types of content we prefer most on our website. We have over 45 articles covering everything on the website. 

If you still wondering which type of topics we accept for our website, then the detailed list is described below:-

  1. We accept the content related to “How to, Operating systems, Internet & computer, Mobile. 
  2. Gaming articles.
  3. Anything about tech-related topics like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Big Data. 
  4. Last but not least we accept app reviews, their download information. 

Send your guest blog [email protected] or if you have any query then also contact at the same email.

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How to search for Tech sites New on 20/11/2021
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