How to Choose the Right Epos Headset for Your Business?

Working remotely offers independence to every individual. It gives you the right to decide where and how you work. It adds quality work/life balance and flexibility. A proper selection of headsets can add comfort to this experience. The correct headset can offer you multiple benefits like improved call clarity and cancellation of passive and active noise. They are available with more comfort features such as wireless portability, user comfort, and design. Epos headsets are available in a vast range. Choosing one from them can be difficult for you, but the below tips can help you give a solution.

Tips To Follow In Choosing The Right Epos Headset For You

1. It Depends on Your Use And Professionals

If you spend much time on calls where clarity is of the utmost importance, or if you work independently or unite with others using online communication platforms Zoom, Google Hangout. Microsoft team, all these factors determine which Epos headset would be perfect for you. For instances:

  • Impact Line: These are for professionals who work in busy call centres and office environments. Most of the time is spent sitting around the desk talking to the customers.
  • Adapt Line: These are for the professionals who work independently and remotely from other locations engaging in meetings or calls
  • Expand Line: The professionals who have collaborative calls/meetings with colleagues, customers and other shareholders need flexible plug-and-play speakerphone and conference solutions.

2. Type of Device You Are Using

It would be best if your headset pairs with your device without any error. Epos headsets are designed for all types of devices possible.

  • Softphone/PC: The headset can be connected with this device via USB dongle (Bluetooth), USB/USB-C cable or to Apple Mac OS or Microsoft Windows
  • Desk Phone: This device can be connected to multiple types of cables visa Easy Disconnect
  • Mobile Phone: You can connect the headset with this device via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm jack cable
  • Telecoil: headsets connect with this device via telecoil equipped hearing aids.

3. The Sound Environment You Work In

It is also essential to consider where you work. If you spend more time on a call with the clients or customers travelling from and to the office or you work from home, shared working place or internet café you need a specific type of headset which would suit work from all your different locations.

Suppose you are versatile as a professional like you had to work from all these locations at various times of the day. In that case, you need a headset that can adapt to all these, offering top graded sound clarity. For instance:

  • Low-noise environment: You require an Omni-directional microphone for the said environment.
  • Medium-noise environment: You need a noise-cancelling microphone for such an environment.
  • High-noise environment: You need a high noise-cancelling microphone to adapt to this environment.

4. Comfort Is The Ultimate Requirement:

We all try to give out best at work. Still, suppose headphones are too tight or too loose to fit our ears or over the head; in that case, it could interfere with our concentration, and we might not achieve our work goal. If it is too tight, it could hurt your ear and fall off if it is too loose. So, it would be best to spend more on quality to use it for the long term. It is not worth bearing the pain after spending so much on headsets.

A lightweight headset is a must-have when you are on long calls. If you are spending much on headsets, you must choose durable ones. It would help if you decided on high-quality plastics and metals like steel-built headsets for the long run. Last but not least adjustable headphones are much required according to our shapes and sizes of heads.

5. Single or Double-Sided

Single-sided headsets are suitable for professionals when you require to hear your caller clearly and focus on what is happening around you. Where double-sided headsets are needed to deliver calls in clear clarity while cancelling the background noise. This double-sided is more critical to those who work in contact centres where you need to focus solely on callers.


A vast range of Epos headsets is available in the market. You can choose what is suitable for you among them. The given facts answer all of your questions and introduce you to adapt one Epos headset to experience the difference and comfort. Lines of premium headsets are available to fit each professional.

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