How to Play Apple Music on Roku

Apple Music is a famous music facility that permits you to broadcast over 75 million songs without ads. You can download your favored tracks as well and play them in offline mode. There are two schemes supported in Apple Music: Individual or Family. Roku is a streaming apparatus where you can install apps to spectate the media content. Unlucky, Roku doesn’t have a formal channel for Apple Music. But you can broadcast Apple Music on Roku by screen mirroring your Android, iPhone, and Windows gadgets.

Latest Methods To Play Apple Music on Roku

Due to the preservation of Apple Music songs, Apple Music Roku is not accessible. But what if you desire to play Apple Music on Roku? No concern. Here, we will show you a brief solution on how to get Apple Music on Roku free of cost in Android, iPhone, and Windows. Now, let’s begin. 

Method 1: Play Music On Roku(Using Android)

Step 1: On your Android phone, go to the Play Store and download Apple Music

Step 2: After installing, start the Apple Music and construct your Apple ID title.

Apple Music (monthly or annual) membership is very important to play the songs. 

Step 3: Select the Notification area on your Android phone and tap on the Cast icon.

Step 4: A list of nearby apparatus will emerge on the screen. Select your Roku apparatus. 

Note – Your Android phone and Roku must be on the same WiFi set of connections.

Step 5: Provide permission to mirror your Android screen and then start the Apple Music app.

Step 6: Now, play your favored music and amuse listening to them from your Roku apparatus. 

Method 2: Play Apple Music Using Screen Mirror (Using iPhone)

Apple Music is an in-built music application on iPhone and iPad. So there is no need to install the app. Just make sure that you have an agile Apple Music membership to play the apple music.

Step 1: Dissimilarly Android, you need a third-party app to screen mirror ios apparatus on Roku. On your iPhone or iPad, download Mirror for Roku.

Step 2: Now add Mirror for the Roku app on your Roku gadget.

Step 3: Open the applications that you have downloaded on both gadgets. Make sure that both apparatus are linked to the same WiFi setup.

Step 4: On your iPhone, choose the Roku gadget.

Step 5: Give approval in the warning prompt.

Step 6: Choose Start Mirroring and select Start Broadcast on the subsequent screen.

Step 7: Start the Apple Music app and play the tracks you desired.

Method 3: How To Play Apple Music On Roku (Using Windows)

Step 1: Open a web browser on a Windows computer laptop or PC and go to

Step 2: Tap the Sign in menu and construct your Apple ID login title.

Step 3: After signing in, click Windows + P keys and select the Connect to a wireless display menu. Like the other ways, your PC and Roku must be on the same WiFi set of connection.

Step 4: Choose your Roku device.

Step 5: Now, play your favorite music and listen to it on your Roku gadget.


As Roku doesn’t have a diligent app, these are the feasible methods to play Apple Music on Roku. You could also examine Apple Music Converter to transform the Apple Music tracks into the requisite format and play it on your Roku with the USB gadget. But, it requisites a bundle of time and a third-party installment converter.

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