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Although more than 2 million clients of shimeji browser extension tell a lot about this chrome extension, we’ll be going into each and every question related to extension, and mainly, is it secure to make use of in 2021 or not? and Literally, why did this question emerge?

Shimejis are mini traits or desktop buddies that leap all around on the sites you progress. They interconnect with the section on the page. You control their conduct. Collect them up with your mouse pointer, drag them all around, and drop them where you want. They can walk, creep, mount, and gambol all over the place. To have more entertainment you can also permit them to steal elements from the page. They are linked with all your favored sites. There are various shimeji characters to pick from. Each character has its own special traits.

This extension guides shimejis to the web browser and accordingly they are now accessible to Chrome OS clients as well. Shimeji Browser Extension can be a name specified to most of us. However, if you are not knowledgeable about that. How can you install and use your favored Shimeji Browser Extension? We will be going to tell you all about that in this article. So let’s begin:

What is Shimeji Browser Extension?

If you are looking for one of the finest and admirable browser extensions then Shimeji Browser Extension is the topmost one. Is this extension a productive one? No, it is not a productive or dynamic key tool for a browser extension. In Shimeji you can make use of small emoji-like animated characters which tells us that Shimeji is an active browser. For Instance, while browsing the website, you can drag the Shimeji to any section of the browser window. It will freely walk over the screen and can touch and click on the website elements.

How To Download And Install Shimeji Browser Extension?

Shimeji Browser Extension
Shimeji Browser Extension

Shimeji Extension will be supported only on Google Chrome, and you can get the extension from the chrome web store. If you are using ChromeOS, then also you can install it from the chrome web store.

If you want to use this extension on your android mobile, then no need to worry just go with these simple steps.

  • Go to google play store.
  • Search Shimeji browser extension.
  • Then click on the install button.

Sites That Support Shimeji Browser Extension 

Repeatedly, I have to give the reason why the shimeji browser extension was created. It was constructed for amusement.

Nevertheless, the query remains similar :

Is the extension accessible on each and every website out there?

Or are they enhanced for social media websites – Facebook, Twitter, and online video broadcasting websites – YouTube, Dailymotion?

Hardly, it is accessed by only a finite number of sites.

Although, the developers are working hard to incorporate more websites on the record.


Q1. Does shimeji give you viruses?

No shimeji do not impact us from viruses. This shimeji is created by artists and I’ve installed many of them and never experienced such an issue. If you want, take obstructive measures and install the ad-block extension before going to an installation website.

Q2. Is shimeji only for Chrome? 

Yes, shimeji is only supported on chrome. But manufacturers are doing a hard job to make sure that this extension is available on all other popular websites. It is like the other extensions supported in the chrome web store, and there won’t be any problem in utilizing them. 

Q3. How do you get shimeji extensions?

Shimeji Extension will operate only on Google Chrome, and you can get the extension from the chrome webstore.

Q4. Is shimeji extension safe?

Shimeji For Chrome is not an app, but it is an extension and is cautious and secure to use. It is like the other extensions accessible in the chrome webstore, and there won’t be any problem in using them. However, it is better to spectate the system resources usage, as these animated characters are not important elements and can deduct the system speed hold by low-end PC. 

Q5. How to delete the shimeji browser extension?

Windows Add/ Remove Programs offers clients a way to delete the program and every Operating System has Add/ Remove Programs feature.

  • Select Start menu and run Control Panel.
  • Locate Shimeji-ee 1.0.3 and choose Change/ Remove to delete the program.
  •  Follow the uninstall wizard and delete the program.

If you are looking for fun applications, then here is the list:


That is all for now. What do you think of the shimeji browser extension? Do you adore it? Is it fun? Have you installed it on your browser? If not, then why? It has got wide popularity with its easy yet impressive interface. We are concluding this article on Shimeji extension Download for PC with this. If you have any questions or facing any problems while installing then let us know through comments. We will be pleased to assist you out!

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