9 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not just about using social media platforms to sell your business. It is about getting the right strategy to sell and increase your brand awareness. 

You can sell your products without social media, but you cannot build a brand identity without it. Think of social media as a platform to get recognition and not limited to getting more customers. 

You can see that the rise in social media users has raised social media marketing and managing businesses. There are businesses to promote businesses. It means social media is beneficial in all aspects.

Importance of Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is not only about selling. It is about creating a brand identity, getting wide recognition, and of course, getting loyal customers who can add value to your business. 

Social media marketing has become a big lot. Therefore, neglecting its importance or doing it casually can result in your business recession. 

Businesses are investing much into social media marketing. Clear examples of their sensitivity to social media are common practices to buy Instagram followers. It has become more of a trend than a need.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing:

Having looked at the importance of the social media market, let’s look at the common mistakes businesses make to market them on social media.

  • Impromptu/Random Plan; Arbitrary Objectives:

Think of yourself driving a car and not knowing where you are going. What destination would you meet? Probably, nowhere. To make your journey pleasant and meaningful, you must have a destination you anticipate reaching. 

Having a strategic plan for your social media marketing is crucial. Not having a plan or specified objective for your social media marketing is the worst that you can do. 

Defining your goals on social media has a big importance. Therefore, it is encouraged to make a plan after determining your goals and objectives. Random and impromptu plans do not meet desired results. If you want to make your social media marketing a success, have a plan. 

  • Undefined Audience and Failed Engagement:

Another biggest mistake done in the process of social media marketing is not defining or attempting to define your audience. There are different metrics for different social media platforms. 

You need to define your audience and approach them. In this way, you will get access to the people who are truly interested in your business. Having millions of followers with more passive followers who do not add value to your business will not do any good. 

You fail to get a high engagement rate when you do not define your target audience. Your engagement comes from your target audience. The engagement rate does not get high with more followers. It gets higher with loyal customers and target audiences who have an interest in your business. 

  • Too Much Automation:

Well, you should keep in mind the fact that every innovation brings new challenges. Similarly, when you use too much automation, which is in too much use these days, you potentially risk your image. 

Automation is in too much practice these days. People try to get Instagram auto likes by investing a little. Automating posts and comments is done by bots or other programmed tools. They are data-driven and instructed tools without any power of thinking by themselves. 

Relying on them too much can harm your business. There are multiple examples in which businesses relied on too much automation and had to apologize to their followers. Automated tweets, Stories, or Status posting is not done thoughtfully. Hence, they have the potential to create a controversy or post insensitive content or comments that can damage your image. 

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  • Monotonous and Boring Content:

If your content is monotonous and not vibrant, there are chances of getting a halt to your account. It means to say that you should not bore people with your content. 

It is a mistake if you want your social media profile to touch the sky’s limits. Content filled with puns, satire, or humor gets more audience and brings interest than content with a straight line of tone. 

It does not mean adding controversy or something that can damage your image. It is to add content with all the generic information with some facts and points that can capture the reader’s interest. 

Also, never compromise on quality. To rush to post more content, some people start relying on posting more with lesser quality of content. It is not a viable strategy. You should avoid this mistake because your content is key to devising a social media marketing strategy. 

Avoid complexity and figurativeness in your content. Your content should be simple, comprehensive, and understandable by the masses. Also, avoid using jargon that is not common. 

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  • Following Trends Blindly:

One of the worst things you can do with your brand personality on social media follows every trend blindly. Not every trend is meant to be followed. Every business has a certain tone and personality. 

One size does not fit everyone. Therefore, you should only follow the trends meant to bring meaning and quality. If they are trends for the sake of trends, you may lose credibility. 

Following every trend is the biggest mistake that you should avoid. Analyze the trend by instilling it in your brand personality and look at it through the lens of your follower/brand user. 

  • Inconsistency:

Aristotle said consistency is the rarest of all qualities in human beings. Well, equip yourself with this rare quality. Ghosting your followers after posting some content also negatively affects your social media marketing profile. Posting consistently matters a lot. 

You can post one feed every day but doing it every day at the right time is most important. Inconsistency brings a loss of confidence and suspicion as a credible brand to your customers. 

  • Becoming Too Sales:

Social media marketing does not mean to sell, sell, and sell. It means increasing your presence on social media and getting social approval of credibility and quality. 

Your purpose of social media marketing should be to increase your brand awareness and bring quality along with selling. Instead of directly hunting at selling and purchasing, you should use those tools that can bring more customers.

Following the 80:20 rule can be the best way to avoid this mistake. In your followers’ list, 80% are your general audience, and 20% are your potential buyers. Therefore, do not sell everything there directly; describe a problem and its solution through your services. It will create brand awareness and bring more customers. This is the best tool to amplify your sales. 

  • Not Getting Customer Feedback:

Not getting customer feedback is a mistake you make while marketing on social media. It makes your customer feel important and special and develops a trusting relationship between your business and the customer. 

Some businesses do not opt to ask for feedback directly, but they use different tools to get the feedback, like question stickers on Instagram, polls on Facebook, and quizzes generally. 

  • Neglecting Negative Comments:

Neglecting negative comments is not a viable strategy to cope with the criticism. You face it while ensuring effective communication, being less self-assertive and more empathetic. 

Your social media management and marketing team should know the tools to cater to such situations. Negative comments can be turned into a business benefit through effective communication. 

If there are any complaints regarding products, you should make a replacement with better, pay for compensation, and negotiate by telling them what best this product can cause. 

Final Thoughts:

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become a whole industry. While doing social media marketing, you must ensure to avoid these mistakes. A successful marketing strategy can be devised if you avoid these mistakes. Please do not ignore these incorporated mistakes and root out any of such conditions that bring them. 

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