5 Best Drinking Game Apps You Can Enjoy With Your Friends!!

Drinking with friends is the most joyful experience for anyone. There are so many bars where you can go and get a drink with your friends. But here we are going to tell you some best drinking game apps that will double your fun in drinking. No matter if you are at home or the bar, these apps bring too much fun for you and your friends while drinking. This can be the best way to have fun with your friends even at home without any external factors. All you have to need is just a smartphone and your choice of drink.

Drinking Game Apps

In this article, we are going to list out the 5 best drinking game apps, with which you can have fun with your friends. The apps are available for only people of 21 years and above. Get all the games for free and be ready to enjoy them.

1. Picolo Drinking Game

Picolo Drinking Game
Picolo Drinking Game

Picolo drinking game app is an alcohol party game. To play this game, you have to add each player’s name and the app will adjust everything. You can play this game by making a group and also single. There are too many crazy things that the app will ask you to do. 

Simply answer the question as a group or one by one and follow the instructions, no matter how funny they are! This app can be the best way to make your night out crazy. You will spend quality time with your friends by using this for sure. 

Thus, no matter you are at the bar or on a chill night with your friends, this app will be the perfect addition for your evening. Get the app and have fun! 

Additional Information:

Rating 4.0
Android Version Required
4.1 and up
Size 17MB
Total Installations
Version 2.1.8

Download Picolo Drinking Game

2. Seven Drinking Game

Seven Drinking Game
Seven Drinking Game

If you want a fantastic starter for your party, then the seven drinking game app is for you. The game will warm up your party and make it very joyful for everyone. This crazy game is perfect for a crazy group to get more craziness.

The things you need to start the game is:

-3 or more crazy buddies

-Delicious alcohol

-A will to make yourself ready for alcoholic craziness 

The app is simple yet quite entertaining. It has more than 400 brilliant cards, each includes unique tasks. You can feel a pleasant and memorable environment while playing the game. The graphics of the cards are very delightful. Also, you can create your card if you wish. Allows you to remove unwanted cards. Plus, no ads contain, this will be the best point for the app. Get the app and be ready to have fun with your friends!!

Additional Information:

Rating 4.7
Android Version Required
4.0.3 and up
Size 25MB
Total Installations
Version 2.18

Download Seven Drinking Game

3. Drink Roulette – Drinking Game

Drink Roulette Drinking Games app
Drink Roulette Drinking Games app

Drink roulette is not just a simple game like other party games, it has some more madness to chill the night out or rock your party. The app has regularly been updated.


  • Sweet and slick design
  • Original booze-fuelled rule
  • Winner takes all, loser Chugs
  • “Never have I ever” drink games
  • “Most likely to” votes
  • “Would you rather” games
  • Reflex house party games

The game has 9 modes that make your mood crazy as all the modes are designed to make your mood. The first drunk mode of the game is totally free and the main advantage of it is that it doesn’t contain any popup ads. We are filling your nights with fun. Try this app now and go mad with your friends or rock your party. 

Yet we advised drinking responsibly and never drive after drinking. Install the app now and get ready for a memorable time.

Additional Information:

Rating 4.2
Android Version Required
4.4 and up
Size 23MB
Total Installations
Version 3.10.1

Download Drink Roulette Drinking Games app

4. Game of Shots – Drinking Game

Game of Shots
Game of Shots

Make your party or your chilling night with friends more interesting with the drinking games of the hilarious Game of shots. Download it for free and enjoy the game. The game can add more happiness to your party or night. You can play it at the wildest party or with a few friends. The game will make your place enjoyable. 

Enjoy the game with your crazy friends. You can get games with dice cards and many other types. Up to 8 people can participate in the game. For competitive people,  it is fun and an amazing game. Go crazy with this crazy drinking game and make your night out or a party a perfect addition. Install it now.

Contain games like:

  • I’ve never
  • King’s Cup
  • Most likely
  • The Roulette
  • True or false
  • Slot shot machine
  • The coin 

Additional Information:

Rating 4.4
Android Version Required
4.1 and up
Size 25MB
Total Installations
Version 5.3.3

Download Game of Shots

5. iPuke – Drinking Game

iPuke: Drinking game
iPuke: Drinking game

This is the craziest drinking game you will ever play. If you are wanting an epic night, all you have to need is the app, some delicious drink and your crazy friends. At every turn, You will get 2 challenges on the card i.e. a dare and the number of shots you have to drink. They both are worth points and you will have to complete at least one to proceed further.

The one who reaches the target points will become the winner. There are more than 300 dares in the game. Some examples are:

-Get ice in your mouth and keep it until its melt

-Blindfold yourself until the next turn

-Do the Samba

-like a starfish, lay on the ground

-Ask for a photo from a stranger

The game is fun and available for both ios and Android users. It is a No Wifi game. You can play this game easily without an Internet connection. Download the app now and have fun!!

Additional Information:

Rating 3.9
Android Version Required
6.0 and up
Size 2.3MB
Total Installations
Version 3.1

Download i-Puke App

The Bottom Line

Here we discussed the best drinking game apps, hope it makes your boring party fun and chilling night a memorable one. Drinking with your most loved individuals is quite a fun experience. Add more fun into it with the help of these drinking game apps. Drinking games have been played all around the world. The games are easy and intelligent. Most of the drinking game apps are available for both android and ios users. 

All the apps are very useful to enjoy the party or night out with friends as they will add double enjoyment to your nights. Yet, as we suggested, never ever drive after drinking and drink responsibly to take care of yourself. 

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