How to Use Google Trends to Make Money

Google Trends is a Google-developed application that allows you to research and compare the popularity of various search phrases and trends. It is a useful tool for determining search traffic, but it may also be used to make money. Google Trends should be in your favorites list if you want to make money through the Google AdSense affiliate program.

Why Use Google Trends To Make Money?

To evaluate your competitors, use Google Trends. Google Trends will provide you with information about websites in addition to statistics about prevalent search phrases. If you want to generate money with Google Trends, this is useful since it allows you to check how your competitors are doing. Perhaps the websites you’re looking at have seen spikes in traffic in the past, but have fallen out of favor in recent months.

As a result, the information obtained by this program will assist in removing the mystery surrounding websites and allowing you to observe how they function. Here most people get worried about how to use them. So, don’t worry and have a look…

How to Use Google Trends to Make Money

1. Identifying Niches With Google Trends

Google Trends is a fantastic tool for spotting a fast-expanding market. If you’re looking for a new specialization, change your range from “past 12 months” to “2004-present.” This helps you to see if the number of searches is increasing or decreasing. It does, however, provide a single, unambiguous representation of seasonal changes.

2. Making Money Using Google Trends by Writing Product Reviews

One of the best ways to profit from Google trends is to start a product review website. If you run a product review site, a comparison site, or a general affiliate website and want to compare two distinct things to earn money online, you may use Google trends to find the best items to advertise.

3. Making Money Via YouTube Monetization by Using Google Trends

Isn’t YouTube the one media you can’t afford to ignore? The amazing thing about YouTube is that it allows users to search for popular videos for certain regions (based on their present location) every 24 hours. So, if you want your YouTube trending videos to gain millions of views, the greatest thing you can do is use Google Trends efficiently.

Simply start looking for trendy themes, then make videos and publish them to YouTube. Simply put some catchy titles, descriptions, and attractive thumbnails in your YouTube videos, and watch them go viral.

4. Keyword Research with Google Trends

Assume you operate a business that sells women’s blouses. According to Google Trends, searches for this are increasing, which is a positive indication. You must now choose which keywords to target, identify your product categories, and optimize a blog article on women’s blouses. Look at the “Related questions” area on the right side of the “Related subjects” section we just discussed.

5. Seasonal Trends Are a Great Way to Promote Your Store

Seasonal patterns have a significant effect on your company’s success. There will be peaks and valleys in your monthly sales throughout the year. Competition and sales will be at an all-time high during peak season. During the downturns, you may start selling seasonal items.

6. Using Google Trends to Check for New Content

Top online retailers are using content marketing to drive more traffic, raise brand recognition, and attract more customers than ever before. As a result, providing blog material for your website might assist in the growth of your company. “Content freshness” is one approach to cause abrupt increases in search traffic. What exactly is it? It’s when you take away old material, replace it with new information, and republish it on your blog.

7. Increasing the Traffic to News Sites Using Google Trends to Make Money

The fact that you can develop material on a wide range of topics makes it much simpler to obtain search traffic, which is one of the main reasons most people start news sites. Indeed, if you own a news website, you may publish everything under the sun and you don’t have to be an expert in your field.

You may assemble a team and begin writing articles on a variety of themes, from news to technology to pop culture. You may use Google Trends to write about current events and viral news and rapidly attract a large number of visitors from search engines like Google to your site.

8. Google Trends Compare Allows You to Keep Track of Your Competitors’ Positions

You can also track your rivals on Google Trends to see how well they’re performing against your brand. With the release of Captain Marvel, let’s compare Marvel vs. DC Comics to see how the two brands have fared over the years.

9. YouTube Google Trends

While Google Trends is most typically used to improve website speed, it may also be utilized to boost your social media reach, notably on YouTube. We observed that the most popular “fashion” videos on YouTube utilized the phrase “fashion trends 2019.” So, let’s see what we receive from Google Trends if we enter it in.

10. Website For Affiliates

You should be aware that 93 percent of online encounters begin with a search engine such as Google, as individuals seek information about a product before purchasing it on an eCommerce site. In this scenario, you may uncover incredible themes that are successful if you build an affiliate website, and for those of you who are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing,

It’s suggesting a product to others, and if they buy it through your affiliate link within a certain amount of time, you get paid. You can receive a portion of the sale you created as a commission, which will be determined by the price of the goods sold as well as other considerations.

11. Website for Breaking News

Google Trends is a gold mine if you own a news website. Let’s face it: running a news website necessitates posting a lot of content regularly to attract readers, but you don’t have to be an expert in any of those areas. However, you should keep in mind that news is continuously changing, and the pieces you write about it will become obsolete in a matter of days or weeks. Even if you just have a few weeks, you can generate an incredible quantity of traffic to your website if you do everything correctly.

12. Online Services

Providing online services has become a google trend for years. It’s a trend even growing day by day because as days passing students get huge work to complete. Therefore, they always need to look for online services that can provide them online assignment help services, assignment writing services, dissertation writing services, or everything related to academic tasks.


Google trends are very much important to make money. Even these trends can be availed by anyone because these are not much complicated to earn money. It does not even require any type of experience. Furthermore, after reading this article you will completely know about these trends and which trends you should use to make money.

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