Why Vancouver Businesses Must Mobile-Optimize Their Sites

The incredible city of Vancouver in Washington is home to numerous small, medium, and large businesses that are growing by the minute. To stay ahead of the competition, an increasing number of them are now turning to local SEO service providers.

When it comes to SEO Vancouver business owners have already understood the importance of local search terms, a user-friend website, and similar aspects. They know it will help them make better profits and expand more quickly to newer markets.

However, some Vancouver entrepreneurs are yet to realize that having a user-friendly site solely for desktop systems is not enough. It is equally pivotal to optimize a website for mobile and smartphone use.

If you haven’t yet hired a local SEO company to mobile-optimize your website, consider the following undeniable reasons to do so.

Boosts Mobile Speed and User Experience

As per statistics, Vancouver is home to over a hundred and eighty thousand and five hundred people, around 46% of whom are non-local residents who live and work in the city. Several in this group are employed by flourishing local businesses ranging from boutiques and restaurants to entertainment and construction. Needless to say, almost all these businesses have official websites that can benefit immensely from mobile optimization.

It will vastly improve the quality and speed of the site, enhancing the user experience. This is critical because users will leave sites that load slowly, never to come back. Also, since most people in Vancouver are on their smartphones pretty much all the time, this is an excellent chance for you to make a lasting impression on their minds.

Visitors Will Spend More Time on the Site

To boost a website’s SEO, Vancouver professionals often suggest mobile optimization as it helps keep visitors on the site for a longer duration. That’s because most of the searches for local businesses and services are done via mobiles, tablets, and smartphones in the city.

So, when your site ranks among the top ones on the search engine due to mobile-friendliness, it enables the locals to understand that you provide quality services. Consequently, people will stay on your Vancouver business website longer, exploring every other page and finding exciting features. In turn, this will help your website to keep going further up in the rankings.

Increased Attention from Local Customers

Any Vancouver SEO professional will testify that mobile optimization and local SEO are inseparable. That’s because they know that a majority of the city residents search for stores, services, and products online via their mobile devices. So, hiring professionals to optimize your website with mobile-friendliness and local search words ensures that your site is among the first ones that Vancouver folks find on the web.

For instance, several locals look for apartments and homes to rent in the city via mobiles. If you provide this service and your site is mobile-friendly, it will be among the top-ranking ones when the search is done.

Moreover, since approximately 7.2% of people are currently unemployed in Vancouver (compared to 5.9% in Washington), you can be sure they would be looking for job opportunities online via smartphones. This is a unique opportunity to reach them by advertising openings in your company via effective mobile SEO and hiring talented workers.

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