5 Astonishing Ways to Escalate Social Media Presence

The contemporary business world is dynamically changing and slowly but surely it’s moving towards digitalization. Right from marketing to handling operations with the latest technologies, the business world is putting in all the efforts to be a part of this digital revolution. Despite all the efforts, businesses could not seem to ignore jumping on the trend of using social media marketing to escalate their presence in the market.

However, businesses have very clearly realized that enhancing their presence on social media is not a piece of cake. Everybody can market on social media, but it takes the right strategies and tactics to critically identify the need of users and fulfill their need to escalate in order to boost social media presence of a business.

Having said that, this blog will effectively highlight the top 5 strategies that can assist you in enhancing your social media presence. So, let’s dive right into the blog and skyrocket your reach and engagement across all social media platforms.

5 Foolproof Methods To Boost Social Media Presence

1. Utilize UGC As Social Proof

As fascinated as people are with the concept of online shopping, they are equally afraid of being a victim of fraudulent incidents occurring online. The only way for businesses to earn the trust of their target audience is to show them social proof of their authenticity.

Social proof is a persuasion principle that allows people to imitate the actions influenced by others. So, if you will get successful in making people believe that other people are trusting your brand and are happy with it, it will assist you in gaining their trust.

A phenomenal way to accomplish the same is by bringing UGC in the picture. If you don’t know the term, here’s a quick definition. UGC refers to user-generated content that reflects the users’ experience with your brand in the form of reviews or feedback.

You can collect UGC from your customers and present it in various formats such as text, videos, photos, and so on. This will assist you in gaining the confidence and trust of your audience because UGC implies that other people are trusting you. This way your new customers will also know that they can rely on you and that your products and services are authentic and are of good quality.

To continue, once the people will trust you they would be encouraged to move ahead on their purchase journey with your business. Moreover, if people would believe that you are an authentic business there are possibilities that they might share your social handles with their friends, family, and other social groups.

This way, your target audience will start recommending each other about your business which will contribute to boost social media presence, and strengthen the foundation of your business on all of your social platforms. This will assist you in enhancing your brand awareness which will eventually lead to high growth and more profitability, which will fulfill one of the main SMART goals of your business.

2. Focus On The Quality

It is no hidden fact that almost every business is on social media today. However, even though every business is trying, only a few businesses can grab the attention of the target audience. Also, all these factors of business becoming successful lie in the quality they use to engage their audience.

To continue, although quality is the most important factor in selling the product or service you provide to your audience, quality also matters when it comes to boost social media presence. The quality of content you provide matters in terms of the value it provides to your viewers and in terms of how appealing it is to the eyes of the people watching the content.

Both types of quality mentioned above always work parallelly which implies that even if one is not up to the mark, the other one might not impact the users the same way it could have.

It might have happened to you as well, that you like the content of the video but you prefer not to watch it just because the resolution of the content was low. Similarly, on the other hand, the resolution of video or photo was superfine but the quality of the content was degraded and you preferred watching something else over that super high-resolution content.

Therefore, whenever you create anything to post on social media, you should always keep in mind the balance of both the qualities mentioned above. This way, you will effectively be able to deliver your message exactly the way you want it to reach your audience.

So, if you get successful in creating balanced high-quality content, it will effectively grab the attention of your target audience. Besides, this will assist you in expanding your business on social media platforms.

3. Get AI on board

AI has been one of the most buzzed words in the contemporary business world. Every industry enjoys the benefits of AI as per its requirements and digital marketing is no different.

Hence, this is the reason it is our third strategy that can assist you in enhancing your social media presence. Using AI you can automate various tasks that can assist in improving your target audience’s experience with your business’s social media handle.

For example, you can use AI to automate all your responses on social media. This implies that even if in your absence, a visitor comes to your social media handle with a query, AI-based chatbots can automatically reply on your behalf. In recent times, the efficiency of these AI-based chatbots has increased so much that as per statistics, chatbots can resolve 80% of standard human queries with utmost efficiency.

Resolving audiences’ queries will assist you in adding more value to your visitors’ experience. This will further contribute to converting them into a lead and eventually convert lead into a customer of your brand.

Moreover, AI can also automate your posting schedules and can take care of it on its own. This will assist you in freeing yourself from taking care of regular posting and will assist in keeping you consistent. Posting consistently on all social media platforms will assist you in maintaining your engagement and reach. This will help you in enhancing your social media presence at a constant pace.

On top of all the above-mentioned benefits, it can also generate valuable insights across all your social media platforms that can assist you in improving your key performance indicators of social media strategy. So this way, if you automate social media, it will bring you ample benefits that will assist you in enhancing your social media presence.

4. Collaborate To Boost Social Media Presence

Whenever we open social media we either see two brands or influencers or brands with influencers collaborating. This is because collaboration on social media platforms is one of the most effective strategies that can assist you in enhancing your social media presence.

Collaboration gives you a chance to expand your audience base and tap into the audience of the other collaborator. This strategy is directly your golden ticket to enhancing your social media presence.

As said above, you can collaborate with influencers or other brands that complement your business. This will assist you in enhancing your social media presence effectively but you have to make sure that whichever collaborator you are choosing should be from your corresponding industry.

For example, if you are a food-based company, you can collaborate with either a famous food blogger or with a drink-based company that complements your food. This will ensure that you are targeting a similar interest-based audience which might actually convert into a good lead for your business.

5. Leverage The Unique Aspect of Every Platform

There are ample social media platforms out of which some of the majorly dominating marketing platforms are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Zili app and Twitter. However, there are other emerging platforms such as Reddit, Tumblr, and Snapchat that are also getting the attention of marketers to enhance their business presence.

One major point that everybody should take note of is that every platform has unique aspects that make it a hit in the eyes of its users. Now, let’s understand this through some examples.

For example, Instagram recently launched its short video feature named Reels which got immense popularity soon after its launch. Now, to enhance your social media presence by majorly targeting Instagram, your main focus should be on creating engaging and unique Reels to catch the attention of your audience.

On the other hand, if we talk about LinkedIn or Twitter, then the most engaging form of content is storytelling. So, in case they are your major platforms, effective storytelling is your way to go.

Similar is the case of Facebook, the most watched content on Facebook is also long videos. So, you have to ensure that to target your Facebook audience you have to create long yet engaging videos that can hook your target audience for a long time. This can enhance your social media presence effectively.

So, in short, you need to make sure that whatever platform you want to target the most, you have to know its unique aspect and a way to leverage that unique aspect for your benefit.

Final Thoughts:

To encapsulate, social media is now becoming one of the inevitable parts of marketing and marketing is one of the inevitable parts of the business. If you are not thinking about boost social media presence seriously then you might lose on some of the exceptional benefits the social media platforms have to offer.

Hence, the need is to effectively understand all the social media platforms and create your strategies effectively. Moreover, the above-given strategies are some of the foolproof tactics that can assist you with the same.

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