How To Check Instagram’s Most Active Times For Followers’ Growth?

You may have heard that between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. is the ideal time to post on Instagram for the Instagram followers growth. or from 2:30 to 3 p.m. Additionally, avoid the weekends and Mondays, and put up more content on Thursdays. Here’s the reality, though. The ideal time to publish on Instagram varies depending on the situation. All those research studies examining millions of users? Not very helpful. They are not your supporters. So, buckle up because we’re about to teach you how to determine when to post on Instagram for your company.

What Elements Influence The ideal Instagram Publishing Time For Instagram Followers Growth?

 You should post on Instagram when your audience is online the most. But if your information is pertinent to their daily activities at that time, it can also be a period when fewer followers are online.

The Instagram algorithm considers timeliness and relevancy when deciding where to place your post in the feeds of your followers. Additionally, your brand receives more impressions the higher up in your Instagram real followers’ newsfeed your postings appear.

Increased engagement may result from more impressions. Additionally, the more interactions your posts receive, the more impressions they may receive moving forward, creating a snowball effect.

Be Timely When The Majority of Your Fans Are Online

Your message will have a better chance of being noticed by more people if you post while the majority of your followers are online. Like, the Juicery, a smoothie bar in New England, has Emma Ward’s Instagram scheduling down to a science. When the majority of The Juicery’s Instagram followers are online, she posts about sales, breaking news, and other exciting material to share.

I’ll post in the evenings if I’m promoting a contest, a new location, or something that isn’t menu-specific. I upload at a time when most people are online in order to gain the maximum views on the article, she explains.

Even if the majority of the people who follow her brand are online at night, she is aware that this is not the time when they are most likely to purchase smoothies. As a result, the best time to publish on Instagram also relies on the content you have to provide.

Relevance: Knowing When Your Material Will Be Most Useful To Your Audience

The Instagram algorithm aims to display the material people are most interested in seeing first. How does it understand what viewers want to see? by examining the connections and interests of users. Your followers will engage with your content more frequently if it is more pertinent to them. Due to this engagement, Instagram will prioritize showing your content on users’ news feeds.

Emma takes into account the times of day that her brand’s products are most useful to its customers. Mornings are a fantastic time for The Juicery to reach out to consumers who are considering what to buy for breakfast. Despite having fewer online followers, she continues to post about smoothies and other menu items first thing in the morning, at about 7:30 on weekdays, and a little after 8 on weekends.

“I want our smoothies to be on top of their minds when they embark on a workday,” Emma says of her fans.

She would miss the chance to introduce the concept of a morning smoothie to those followers who are most likely to stop for one on their way to work if she just relied on the conventional “best time to post on Instagram” recommendations from a collective study.

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How To Choose The ideal Instagram Posting Period For Your Brand

It doesn’t have to be difficult to determine when your brand should post on Instagram. You should think about two things:

  • When the majority of your followers are present on the platform
  • When your brand is most appealing to them.

Your ideal posting timings can then be tested and improved using these two data points as a guide. Let’s now go over each stage of determining when to post together for Instagram followers growth. 

Step 1: Determine The Peak Instagram Activity Times For Your Demographic

By checking the information that Instagram offers, you can determine when your Instagram followers growth is at its highest. By selecting the Insights button for business accounts, you can access this data.

Then, click on Insights to see data that has been segmented by audience, activity, and content. To view information about your followers, including when they visit Instagram, their location, age range, and gender select the Audience tab. To view their busiest periods, choose between hours and days.

Remember that Instagram only shows data from the previous seven days on your account. Although the information is sparse, it’s a beginning. Before making any conclusions based on data from such a short span, consider the impact of holidays and seasonal behavior.

Step 2: Discovering When Your Audience Wants To Hear From You is The Objective.

Different types of material have different optimal posting times on Instagram. And it’s likely that you have access to a variety of content types.

At this stage, formulate a theory. No one knows your target market as you do. What time of day do they work on the issue you resolve? When is it OK for them to consider your brand?

Emma thinks about the best times for each sort of material to be shared with The Juicery’s audience before implementing it. “I’ll experiment with each new form of content at various times. A post featuring a mouthwatering acai dish will appear at a different time than a contest for gift cards, she says.

Step 3: Plan An Experiment To Verify Your Theory

Now that you are aware of the times your followers are online, you can plan your material accordingly. Try putting it into practice with a three-week posting plan on Instagram.

Consider that you manage a gym’s Instagram account. We’ve proposed a few different kinds of material that, in our opinion, might appeal to your followers at various times throughout the day.

Discovering when your audience wants to hear from you is the objective. If you own a gym, your customers may be looking for motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle in the late afternoon when their energy is diminishing or in the early morning when they must decide whether to get out of bed and go to the gym or stay in bed. Planning for the following day may be facilitated by reminding them of impending lesson schedules. And considering that Tuesdays and Thursdays are frequently less crowded at your gym, you might try to post content that encourages people to go there on those days.

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Final Thoughts:

A set number of publications each day are not required. Once you identify your best times to post, you might be able to do it with less content and more impact. Also, keep in mind that hashtags depending on the days of the week can also be an effective approach for Instagram followers growth.

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