How To Block Ads on Hulu

Hulu is an international streaming platform where you can enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and web series for free. But sometimes annoying ads disturb you a lot. Hulu also has a premium plan like Netflix, which starts at $5.99/month and $64.99/month with a live tv option. Despite that, Hulu shows ads during streaming. Those ads can be 2-3mins long that interrupt you. So it can only be responsible for reducing your user experience. If you also don’t want this kind of distraction while enjoying your favorite show, keep reading the rest. Here we discussed how to block ads on Hulu. So scroll down and improve your lower Hulu experience. 

Ways to Block Ads on Hulu

Want to experience Hulu’s interruption-free services? Then you need to block its annoying ads. Later on, you don’t feel any disturbance while streaming. Now give a glance at how you do that. 

Using Chrome Extension

Adblocker extensions on chrome are one the best solutions in this matter. Indeed you can use any of them to get rid of unwanted ads on Hulu. Here are some free ad-blocking browser extensions used to block ads on Hulu. 

Blokada Slim Adblock

Blokada is one of the excellent open-source, free adblocker apps which you can use. Generally, it is compatible with any devices like tablets, smartphones, and any other devices. This app helps to AdBlock for Hulu on the screen. Also, the great thing is. It’s available on both Google Play Store and App Store. 


  • Blocks malicious, adult and gambling websites. 
  • In-built DNS-based interception and VPN mode. 
  • Easily block ads throughout all apps like Hulu and even Youtube. 
  • Fight against malware. 


  • It may lag sometimes

Adblock Plus – Free Ad Blocker 

Adblock Plus is one of the convincing ways to solve your problem. This free and open-source extension is available in chrome and even firefox web stores. 

Add Chrome Extension

Generally, Adblock plus removing the ad with a blank screen. That’s how it works while blocking annoying ads. If you are comfortable with a blank screen while streaming, then Adblock plus can be your ultimate choice. 


  • It supports Acceptable Ads (AA).
  • Fight against malware
  • Supports almost all web browsers like Windows OS, macOS.
  • Works efficiently with YouTub & Hulu.


  • Some of the videos may not play if this plugin is active.

Reload Hulu Frequently

Don’t like using any additional extension to block annoying ads on Hulu? Then the next trick is for you. You can reload Hulu frequently. But frequently refreshing Hulu doesn’t skip the ads. It just shortens the duration of the ads. 

There are also some 4-5 mins long ads, which are pretty irritating. Using this trick, you just avoid those long ads. 

Whenever you experience long-duration ads, refresh the streaming tab. You will get smaller ads than that. This is an efficient and also very effective way to get rid of ads. However, this trick does not work every time. 

Skip Hulu Ads By Toggling Two Tabs

This is a very effective freeway but a little more tricky than others. It also does not work every time, but Hulu lovers love this trick. Follow the steps to avoid unwanted ads on Hulu. 

  1. You need to open two tabs in the browser and stream the same Hulu movie or show in both accounts. You can also open Hulu from a web browser and ‘Duplicate’ the current tab. 
  2. Mute the 2nd tab and fast forward the show to the ad marker(marked with a different color). 
  3. Then start streaming from the 1st tab. 
  4. When the ad comes on the 1st tab, mute that video there and go back to the 2nd tab. 
  5. Go back to where you got stuck and start looking from that point. The second tab may already have played ads, which you will see from where it ended.

Hulu Premium Plans: Say No to Annoying Ads.

Are you ready to spend some money on Hulu to get rid of annoying ads? Then Hulu premium plan is perfect for you. 

Hulu premium can eliminate all the ads popup while you watch the videos. Also, it provides some additional services like Award-winning original series, Cartoon shows for kids, Live tv, movies, documentaries, etc. 

Hulu Premium (No Ads) plan starts at $11.99/ month and $60.99/month is with live-tv facilities. Compared to the services, the Hulu premium plan is quite affordable and worthy of enjoying ads-free Hulu. 

Enounce MySpeed: The Ad Skipper

Enounce MySpeed doesn’t block the ads on Hulu. Generally, it is used to skip the ads. This tool is used for speeding(slow down and speed up)any video. So you can use this tool to skip or block ads on Hulu. However, it is a paid tool which is for only $ 29.99. 

Web Filtering: Block Ads Like a Pro

Web filtering will help you block any online ads on any network level and device. 

You need to control your access router to block all Hulu ads with web filtering. Then go to Access / Parental control and follow the steps below:-

  • Connect your laptop and smartphone to a wi-fi router. 
  • Open a new tab on the browser and enter the IP Address to open the admin console. Please check the IP address before entering it.  
  • Search the web filtering/URL block option. Check the advance option to get that. 
  • Add the URL “”.
  • Click on the Apply button and restart the router.

Congratulations, the URL “” has been blocked at the network level responsible for the ads on Hulu. All Hulu ads will be blocked on all your devices. So you can enjoy shows and movies without seeing any annoying ads.


We have mentioned multiple ways of how to block ads on Hulu. The methods discussed above will help you to enjoy ads-free Hulu every time. I hope you find the right solution to AdBlock for Hulu.   

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